Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have questions about the Million Reasons project which are not answered on the website, the FAQs may help. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to send them to and we will get back to you just as soon as we can.



What is ‘A Million Reasons’? A Million Reasons is a creative campaigning project, originated in North West Skye and run by unpaid volunteers, which allows people to express and share ‘Reasons’ for supporting Scottish Independence, both online and in the physical environment.


What is a ‘Reason’? A ‘Reason’ is a personal statement about why you support Scottish Independence. We think written in your own handwriting and in an original photograph best preserves the personal nature of your Reason. You can be as imaginative as you like about the visual aspect of presenting your Reason. Or just plain is fine too. You can be in the picture with your Reason, or not. (Nae memes please! Or other people’s quotes.)


Can I upload more than one Reason? Yes. People support Scottish independence for a million reasons, so you are welcome to upload as many Reasons as you wish: A Million Reasons is a creative project not a petition.


Can my Reason be in any language? Yes. We love Reasons written in your first language, whatever that may be; it helps to demonstrate the diversity of support for Scottish Independence.


How can I upload my Reason? Go to the ‘Upload your Reasons’ page on the Million Reasons website where all the options are set out.


Will my Reason appear immediately on the site? No, not immediately, in case anyone who opposes Scottish Independence seeks to interfere with the objectives of the Million Reasons project: ALL submissions will be checked to ensure they are consistent with the intention and values of the Million Reasons project.


What personal information do I have to share? What personal information, if any, that you share with the Million Reasons project is entirely up to you. Everything is optional: whether you are pictured with your Reason or not, whether you include your name or what you do, or the area in which you live. You can be completely anonymous if you choose. The only information we will hold is your email, which we will never disclose.


Decency and Swearing A Million Reasons is a positive, uplifting, campaigning project to give people a voice in support of Scottish Independence. Submissions which are abusive or undermine these values are not welcome and will not be included. Swearing is discouraged but not excluded where it is culturally appropriate! However, sweary words may have a number of letters ‘thistled’  to minimise any offence others might feel.


Do you need to have a vote in the coming Scottish Referendum to take part in the Million Reasons project? No. A Million Reasons is a global project; it is open to contributions from the many people around the world who love Scotland and support Scottish Independence.


Can I share my Reason through social media? Yes. Reasons can be Tweeted and posted to Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest directly from the Million Reasons website. The Million Reasons project is ‘folk media’. Your media.


Are submissions to A Million Reasons by Instagram and Facebook monitored? Yes. Just like the Million Reasons website, ALL submissions to our social media pages will be checked, and submissions we do not consider appropriate to the aims and values of the Million Reasons project will be deleted.


Does the Million Reasons project accept typed Reasons if I am unable to handwrite my Reason? Yes.


What is the relationship of A Million Reasons to the YES campaign? A Million Reasons found voice through the Yes group in North West Skye and is supported by YES (Yes Events Skye). The YES campaign is not affiliated to any political party.


What is the relationship of the Million Reasons project to the Scottish National Party (SNP)? The Million Reasons project is not affiliated to any political party. We welcome contributions which support Independence for Scotland by people who support Scottish Independence from all political parties and none.


Do any political parties control the activities of the Million Reasons project? No.


Does the Million Reasons project welcome Reasons from politicians? Yes. A Million Reasons welcomes Reasons from anyone and everyone who supports Scottish Independence, irrespective of their political affiliation or what they do or where they live. As long as the Reason is congruent with the intentions of the Million Reasons projecti.e. in support of Scottish independence that’s fine by us.


Can other people share my Reason if they like it? Yes. When you load a Reason onto the Million Reasons website, Instagram or Facebook, you are contributing it to a campaigning project in support of Scottish Independence. We hope you and as many people as possible share Reasons both online and offline wherever you are permitted. The Million Reasons project is ‘folk media’. By sending us your Reasons for the Million Reasons project, you are giving us your permission for it to be shared.


How is the Million Reasons project funded? A Million Reasons is a not-for-profit project. From its outset, A Million Reasons has been developed by the voluntary work of a small group of people on the Isle of Skye, The Three Craws, (see ‘Who We Are’), along with support from Yes Events Skye (YES) to ensure that has online security to defend its operations from malicious attacks. As the project develops, we anticipate that its success will incur commensurate hosting and other related costs. We therefore anticipate the inclusion of an optional ‘small donation’ button when Reasons are submitted, through which we will seek to raise the costs of operating the project and related outreach work and materials. There is no intention by the Million Reasons project to make a profit and at the end of the project – once Scottish Independence has been achieved – should there be any surplus of funds, it will be distributed to benefit good causes in Scotland, and details of these recipients will be published by us. If you wish to make a donation to the work of the Million Reasons project meanwhile, before the addition of any donation option on the site, please contact directly.


How can I get more involved? After adding your own Reason, ask the people you know who support Scottish independence if they’d like to add their own contribution to the Million Reasons project.

Follow A Million Reasons on social media:


Get on your social media and share your Reason, and other Reasons you like, as often as you feel able!

Print out Reasons and display them in your window, on your own property and wherever else you are permitted. (Lamination provides greater robustness).

If you are eligible to vote in Scotland, make sure you and everyone you know who supports independence for Scotland is registered to vote. And when the day of the Referendum comes, encourage everyone you know who supports independence for Scotland and is eligible to vote, to get out and VOTE. You can help to maximise turnout and help to get independence for Scotland!

In the meantime, there is a network of YES groups across Scotland, the National Yes Registry  provides a means of accessing these. Get involved, do what you can.