How it Works

It’s easy! Just write down your Reason/s for supporting Scottish independence – we think your own handwriting in an original photograph best preserves the personal nature of your Reason. You can be photographed with your Reason/s or not; or you can stay anonymous – it’s entirely up to you!


You can decorate your Reason/s, place them in the landscape or in front of a building or in your home… In fact, just whatever inspires you. Or they can be made in some completely creative way. You can send us your Reasons shown any way you choose, on any size of paper, on any surface. (Nae memes please!  Or other people’s quotes.)


When you’re happy, ‘Upload’ your photograph on the Million Reasons site.


It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do or where in the world you’re from – (Reason/s in your first language are great!) – as long as you support Scottish independence, your personal photo giving your own Reason/s is welcome.